Clever Google Ads

Link Google Ads with Slack

Benefits of Clever Google Ads

As we like to say, you will be saving enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much!

It's a time saver

You can have one less tab open, which saves time by seeing the most important Google Ads metrics in one place

Better organizes your day to day tasks

This app makes it possible to track the progress of campaigns with metrics, graphs, and summaries directly on a Slack chat.

It's free!

Compared to similar tools in the market that require payment, Clever Google Ads doesn't have you pay a fee to use it.

Why install Clever Google Ads on Slack?

Metrics and graphs

Important metrics and graphs pertaining to your campaign’s performance such as impressions, conversions, clicks and more will be available directly on Slack.


Receive your metrics daily on your preferred channel to make them public for your team or keep it to yourself by choosing the Direct Message option.


Increase productivity by completing actions on your Google Ads account. You will be able to change your daily budget, activate your campaigns or pause them at any time all through texting Slack bot.


Ask for tips on how to improve your Google Ads strategy all through simple messaging. We will be able to suggest things like adding a different type of campaign, adjusting the campaign budget, or modifying campaign target.

How to get started?

In only a minute, you can add the Clever Google Ads app to your account

Add to Slack
Stay on top of your account with Clever Google Ads for Slack:

Install the app
Add the Clever Google Ads app to Slack by clicking on the "Add to Slack" button

Log into your Google Account
Log in using your Google Account linked to your Google Ads

Select your account
Select your desired account and switch between your several accounts at any time

Make the most out of the app
Start getting reports by asking for summaries, graphs, etc.